DIANNE FITZPATRICK relates her memories as the survivor of a homicidal father in a secret multi- generational military program. Born in 1955 at Camp Gordon, her family had moved to Germany and back by age 5. At 18 she married a surfer. They had a child, and then she was widowed in 1984. As she sold artwork at fairs, rode as a trail guide, crewed on a balloon, designed & built theater sets, and mentored troubled youth, she hid shocking memories of the horrors of her own childhood.

Her recovered memories and those of her brother Steven Griggs led John Edginton to film a 2002 documentary about the case, Our Father the Serial Killer.

Today Dianne is expanding her writing beyond memoir to historical fiction. She renovates houses, volunteers at an organic market, rides horses, and maintains an art studio. Dianne does not do the internet, she does not do email, and she does not do public appearances. She does, however, live close enough to the sea to surf the healing waves, and she has somebody to love.

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